A basic guide to wills

A basic guide to wills

The steps to prepare a will are quite simple. You can understand those steps simply by reading them. So, have a look at the steps to prepare a will in this article.

A number of expats living in UAE concentrates on a making a successful career path but don’t pay much attention to an essential requirement which is making a will. People don’t usually realize that if they get in to any accident, then the assets the earned through the hard work might not be given to the appropriate benefactors.

Therefore, to make sure that one’s assets and belongings are protected and given based upon his wishes, he should look forward to make a will. But, it is recommended that you hire a lawfully educated lawyer who will write or outline the will for you and someone who will give proper help related to the lawful implications. 

Steps to prepare wills

Following are few essential steps in order to prepare wills.

  • Outlining the will: Ensure that appropriate lawful experts outline your will because they have knowledge about the procedure of probate and the way wills are applied. The people preparing the will need to arrange a testator. It could be anyone you want like your friends or your family members. But, make sure they are above the age of 21. Outlining a complete will would involve custody provisions as well as all the capitals and belongings.
  • Lawful explanation of the will: After the customer accepts the outline, you will have to send the will for lawful explanation. The reason of this is that every paperwork and files submitted to the courts of Dubai has to be explained in Arabic. But, if a person is getting the will registered by other means, then all the procedure would be completed in English.
  • Submitting the will: The last stage is to submit the will and get it registered. You could do so in the courts of Dubai. The charges of getting the will submitted and registered varies notably. But, if you go for courts of Dubai then it could be an affordable option for you.

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