What to Expect from Your Suit Tailor

What to Expect from Your Suit Tailor

When it comes to getting your perfect suit, the tailor is your best friend. They will help you choose the right fabric, style, and cut that suits your body type. The process of getting a bespoke suit can take some time but rest assured, it is worth the wait.

But what exactly can you expect from your Dubai suit tailor? Here are some general things to keep in mind before and during the tailoring process.

Initial Consultation

Before any measurements are taken, you will first have an initial consultation with your tailor. This is where you will discuss your style preferences, budget, and any special requests you may have. It’s important to communicate clearly with your tailor so they can understand exactly what you’re looking for.

During this consultation, your tailor will also take a look at your body shape and make recommendations on the best silhouette for you. They may also suggest certain fabric types and colors that would work well with your skin tone. Don’t be afraid to ask questions or voice any concerns you may have during this time.


Once the initial consultation is done, it’s time to get measured. This is where the tailor will take your body measurements to ensure that your suit fits perfectly. They will measure your chest, waist, hips, and inseam, as well as taking note of any unique body proportions you may have.

It’s important to stand still and straight during this process to get accurate measurements. Your tailor may also ask you to try on a sample suit jacket or pants to get a better understanding of your body shape and posture.


After taking your measurements, the tailor will then create a pattern for your suit and cut the fabric accordingly. You may have one or multiple fittings depending on how complex your suit design is. During these fittings, you will try on different parts of the suit such as the jacket, pants, and vest (if applicable) to ensure the fit is just right.

Your tailor will also make any necessary adjustments or alterations during these fittings. It’s important to provide feedback during this time so your suit can be tailored to your preferences.

Final Product

Once all the fittings are done, it’s time for the final product. Your tailor will put together all the pieces of your suit, ensuring that the fabric is cut and sewn to perfection. They will also add any final touches such as buttons, zippers, and lining.

When you try on your completed suit, make sure to move around and sit down to ensure it feels comfortable and fits well in all positions. Your tailor may make some last-minute tweaks if needed.