Kinds Of Flowers For Particular Occasions

Kinds Of Flowers For Particular Occasions

What are the kinds of flowers that can be given on particular occasions?

You give flowers to people but do you ever select a specific flower for a particular occasion? I am sure many of you don’t do that. You just go to a flower shop, take out the flower you like and give it to the person you want, regardless of knowing what the occasion is.

There are some people who are very confused and don’t know what kind of flower should be given on a particular occasion.

So, here we are today to help you. We will tell you the occasion and the kind of flower that should be given on that occasion.

Let’s start!


Can’t decide a gift for a friend, sibling, etc.? What is a better gift than flowers? So, send a bouquet of flowers which has various kinds of flowers such as lilies, cotton, tulips, etc. Basically, you should send flowers which reflects happiness and yellow colored flowers would be perfect for birthdays.


The flowers given on weddings should promote love and happiness. So, for weddings you could use flowers of red color, pink color or white color. Red color flowers are obviously rose. Pink flowers would include carnation and white color flowers would be daffodils.


Funerals are a very sad occasion. The flowers selected for funeral should signify respect, sadness and love. You could go for lilies which are very common for funerals. Do not go for bright colors as it is not appreciable because funerals are a moment of sadness.


Anniversary is an occasion where you celebrate your wedding. So, basically flowers that represent love and affection should be given. For anniversaries, you could give flowers like rose, daffodils or daisies.


This is an occasion where you celebrate. So, you should go for flowers which have a bright color. The most suitable flowers for graduation are orchids and sun flowers.


For Christmas, the flowers that should be given are jasmine and roses. Both these flowers signify love.


This is the best event ever you go to. So, make the most of it. For prom, you could go for dahlias which represent excitement or you could also go for orchids which represent charm, love and beauty.

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