How to remove scratches from your car?

How to remove scratches from your car?

There are a lot of things which you have to take care of about your car because you need to be careful in driving a car. If your car is not working in a good condition then you have to repair that car also if there are some scratches on the car surface then you have to go for the car scratch repair Dubai or go for the gearbox repair Dubai. Here is a complete guide step by step for you to repair the scratch:

The first step is that you have to wash your car and then let it dry. You need to let it dry on its own because if you dry it out with any of the cloth then it will get some of the cloth particles on that even if your cloth is clean but you have to avoid it.

The second step is that you have to keep an eye on the scratch and take a masking tape and surround the scratch with the tape. You have to tape at the distance of about 1 inch above and below the scratch because in this way you will be able to do the process easily.

Third step is that you have to go for the scratch remover product and use it along with a clean microfiber. You have to apply that while rubbing the cloth back and forth and make sure that you are putting the right pressure with your fingers otherwise you will not get the required results.

Fourth step is that you have to use the dry and clean cloth and remove the entire excess product from the area and then you have to inspect whether the scratch is removed fully or not. If it was removed partially then you have to go to the next step.

Fifth step is needed only when the scratch was not removed fully and it is visible and you are getting irritated with that then you have to apply few more layers of the product until you get the desired look of your car.

Sixth and last step is that you have to remove the masking tape and apply the product to a larger area around the area where the scratch was visible because in this way entire surface becomes same and treated are will not look odd.