Different types of biometric for the access control system

Different types of biometric for the access control system

There are four types of biometric which are common. So let’s have a look at them. If you are interested in knowing the types of biometric then you must keep reading this article.

  1. Palm Vein verification: Palm vein is a relatively recent biometric that maps the distinctive vein pattern of the palm using infrared light. The other types of biometric works on the external parts of the body but it is the only type of biometric which recognizes the internal vein patterns. There are various advantages of this type of biometric system which makes it ideal for the security system. It’s one of the most secure type of biometric because it would be nearly impossible for a hacker to create a copy that could be used to spoof the scanner because the biometric pattern is never revealed to the public. Furthermore, built-in liveness tests ensure that even if someone had access to your palm-vein pattern and recreated it perfectly, they wouldn’t be able to fool a scanner because the real blood flow is needed. It’s one of the most accurate biometric system as well. The other advantage is that you need to directly interact with the scanner unlike face recognition which would be scanned from a distance. So it’s one of the most trustworthy choice for the people.

  2. Fingerprint Verification: When you hear the word biometric, the first that click in your mind is the fingerprint recognition. In previous time, it has only few used but there is a long of the uses of fingerprint, some of them are unlocking your mobile phone and it can even identify the criminal at the crime scene. It a cost effective device and most of the people are already aware about this type of biometric so there is no need to educate them about this.

  3. Face recognitions: Since this feature has been introduced by the airlines and mobile phone, it has become popular because it is very convenient and time saving and easy to use because it you get your face scanned from a distance even.

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