Different flavors of vape

Different flavors of vape

Vapes are available in a range of flavors these days. You can set the temperature on your vape tool kit and the liquid present in the tank of an e-cigarette will change its nature and then you can inhale it.

Vape juice is a combination of nicotine, flavors and propylene glycol.

Nicotine: Nicotine might be very dangerous but apart from being dangerous it is very addictive. Once you start the intake of nicotine, you crave for it. You can buy myle pods Dubai as it contains nicotine.

Propylene glycol or vegetable glycol: It is an organic compound and at some place both propylene glycol and vegetable glycol are mixed together to get more benefits. They are basically used to enhance the flavor.

Flavors: One of the reasons why people start vaping is to get exposure to different vape juice flavors. The synthetic flavors like Vanillin, ethyl methyl butyrate are many other are used to produce fantastic flavors.

Different flavors of vape:

Choosing the best flavor out of thousands of flavors could be interesting but it could be one of the difficult task because you don’t know which flavor you are going to like the most. Smokers have very few choice but vaping has more than methanol and tobacco flavors. But the good thing is that now thousands of flavors are combined into few different types of e-juice which will be easier for you to choose.

The people who quit smoking are attracted towards tobacco flavors but they are recommended to try different flavors. But if you are already a vaper and you are interested in trying new flavors then you should keep reading this article to get to know about different flavors.

In this article we have categorized the vape flavors so it becomes easy for you to choose. The small details are also given so you don’t miss out the best flavors.

Fruity flavored: It is the most popular type of e-juices because you can get a single fruit flavor or mixed fruit flavor. Every fruit gives the best taste but the best e-juices are strawberry, grape, apple and blueberry. They taste sweet and they are strong in flavor.

Tobacco flavored: This is common among the people who quit smoking so they try this flavor to get the same taste of tobacco. There are various brand who produce different tobacco e-juices flavors.

Desert flavored e-juices: A lot of time after dinner or lunch you crave for desert so you can also get apple pie or chocolate cake flavors to satisfy your taste buds.

Candy flavored e-juices: If you want to have something sweet then you should go for candy flavored e-juice. It has all variety and you can taste your favorite candy in the e-juice form.