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04 DNC Boston 1.jpg
Party of Free Speech 2An appropriate picture of a police man suppressing free speech.posted by: Dr. Slugheadviews: 326
04 DNC Boston 2.jpg
Party of Free Speech 1At the Democratic National Convention in Boston, protesters who took it to the streets are subdued by police in full riot gear, even though the protesters were mostly non-violent.posted by: Dr. Slugheadviews: 154
04 DNC Boston 3.jpg
Party of Free Speech 3This is the area called the "Free Speech Zone". It is a 4 acre muddy dirt lot under a freeway in downtown Boston surrounded by chain link and concrete highway medians. I guess they call it The Party of Free Speech because only people within the party are allowed to have free speech!posted by: Dr. Slugheadviews: 201
04 RNC New York 1.jpg
Party of CensorshipIn contrast to the Democratic National Convention, the Republicans allowed tens of thousands of protesters to parade in a 20 block area, halting traffic the most prosperous city on the east coast.posted by: Dr. Slugheadviews: 221
Afghanistan Chanooks.jpg
Afghanistan: Chanooks Dropping Supplies2001: America Vs. Afghanistan war.posted by: Dr. Slugheadviews: 166
bagged detainee+kid.jpg
Terrorist SOBIraq, 2003: A prisoner is allowed to cradle his son.posted by: Dr. Slugheadcomments: 2views: 915
bloody camera Iraq.jpg
Reporting From IraqA bloody camera commemorates a day of fighting witnessed by the press. Amazing how they put more coverage on dead reporters than dead soldiers.posted by: Dr. Slugheadcomments: 1views: 613
Rather Admits He's a WhoreDan Rather admits to knowing the questionability of documents backing up allegations against GW Bush's Nat'l Guard record, before he reported the story on national television via 60 Minutes II.

Apparently, said documents have since been found to be forgeries, and the allegations against the President cannot be validated.
posted by: Dr. Slugheadviews: 206
Dean Bag.jpg
Dean BagDean Supporter in New Hampshire still enthusiastic about the campaign.posted by: Dr. Slugheadviews: 213
Dean Feb, 2002 (screwed).jpg
Dean's not happy, no"Mr. Dean, you've lost New Hampshire."posted by: Dr. Slugheadviews: 158
Dean Smug.jpg
Dean's No LoserAnyone remember that old Dr Seuss cartoon, The Grinch Who Stole Christmas?posted by: Dr. Slugheadcomments: 1views: 223
Free Jon JohansenMr. Johansen is accused of violating the DMCA with several different cracks on Digital Rights Management spanning from DVD video ripping to iTunes Music Store encryption stripping.posted by: Dr. Slugheadviews: 182
Gore Sod.jpg
Please sir, may I have another?Gore speaking at an anti-Bush rally. He seems upset about something.posted by: Dr. Slugheadviews: 235
Hatian UprisingThe Hatian Uprising in February of 2004.posted by: Dr. Slugheadviews: 240
Sleepy HillaryI think someone forgot to tell her that, as a Senator, she's expected to be absent 90% of the time.posted by: Dr. Slugheadviews: 268
Indonesian Army.jpg
Indonesian ArmyTakes all kinds..posted by: Dr. Slugheadcomments: 1views: 295
Iraqi ConstitutionJay Leno: "Why don't they just use ours? We're not using it!"posted by: Dr. Slugheadcomments: 1views: 336
isabel 9-03.jpg
Hurricane IsabelSeptember 3rd, 2004: hurricane Isabel caused the destruction of billions of dollars worth of property. Shortly afterwards, the government pledged to pay for many of the damaged buildings. Maybe tax payers shouldn't subsidize this insanity, so Floridians will move someplace where they're not a liability for the rest of the country.posted by: Dr. Slugheadviews: 254
Janet Jackson BoobI figure I'd mirror this, it made headlines and it's somewhat.. hard.. to find a picture this high resolution.posted by: Dr. Slugheadviews: 610
kerry + reluctant teresa.jpg
I'm having fun.. not.Campaign rally in Iowa, I think.posted by: Dr. Slugheadviews: 425
Kerry Black Power.jpg
Kerry: Black PowerKerry says he's going to be the next black president. Here he is at a NAACP meeting reinforcing his 100% NAACP voting record.. in 2003.posted by: Dr. Slugheadviews: 377
kerry can_t catch.jpg
Kerry Dropping the BallHow lame do you have to be to lose to a douche like GW Bush?posted by: Dr. Slugheadviews: 503
Kerry Daughter-Alex-translucent-dress.jpg
Kerry Kid Shows Cans at CannesAlexandra Kerry (daughter of John Kerry) wore a translucent dress that was permeable by flash bulbs at the Cannes film festival. She's got my vote.posted by: Dr. Slugheadviews: 7746
kerry sperm suit.jpg
NASA ConspiracyKerry plays around on the space shuttle. Shortly after these photos were released by NASA, the DNC accused NASA of a conspiracy to defame Kerry. NASA removed the photos from their website.posted by: Dr. Slugheadviews: 688
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